Royal Enfield 7'' Full Width Front & Rear

Royal Enfield 7'' Full Width Front & Rear

Before continuing please ensure your hub selection is CORRECT. All products in the section WILL ONLY FIT the Hub shown in the picture selected.

Choose your Rim material option and follow the links to associated products, if required and add to "Cart" as required.

Products shown are only those that we have produced before. Many other Rim Sizes / Types & Spoke Sets can be produced to order. If you can not find what you are looking for, Please Call (0044) - 01769-581700 (8:30 to 17:00) GMT or E-mail

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Royal Enfield 7’’ Full Width Alloy Hub

Please ensure that you check your hub spoke centres match the distance shown in our image.

8.30'' is an approximate measurement

If your Hubs PCD is more like 7.25’’ then please see 6’’ Full Width Hub Section

*** There are a number of slightly different looking 6’’ & 7’’ Full Width Hubs but the Spoke centre PCD’s are all very close and our parts should fit provided you choose the correct hub image and check these spoke hole PCD’s.***

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