Devon Stainless Steel Wheel Rims

Devon Stainless Steel Wheel Rims

Why buy Devon Rims? Well because these rims are Hand made from High Grade Stainless Steel, they will, if looked after, last a lifetime and not rust out like most after market & OEM Chrome Steel Rims tend to. We have customer rims in service for over 20 years and are told they still look as good as new!

Every ''Devon'' Mirror Stainless Steel Wheel Rim is individually hand welded and manufactured. Each rim is then polished to a Mirror Finish the looks as good as Chrome but with out the risk of rust, ''Most people can not tell the difference. Dimpled and Pierced to suit your chosen hub. We and many Wheel Builders believe they are quite simply:............."THE BEST WHEEL RIMS MONEY CAN BUY''

Some Wheel Rims & Spoke sets in this section may be ''Special order'', please check listings.

Please make sure a tyre is available to fit the size rim you require before purchasing.

Standard sizes WM1, WM2, WM3, 3.5”, 4.25” & 5.0” may be returnable, standard conditions apply. All other sizes are considered special order, again standard condition apply.

Please choose the Hub type you have from the images below that you wish find Rims & Spokes for and follow the links to the parts you require.

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