Rolltru Premium Quality Dunlop Profile Wheel Rims

Rolltru motorcycle wheel rims


MIRA 100,000 mile tested


"TRADE DEVON MARK" Premium Quality Wheel Rims


Wheel Rims with a "TRU" Dunlop profile


 Mirror Finish Chrome Effect RUST FREE Stainless Steel

 British Triple Plated Copper, Nickel, Chrome.


Devon Rim Company Ltd have been manufacturing “TRU” Dunlop Profile Motorcycle Wheel Rims and Spokes in the UK for over 25 years and we have built up a reputation for producing some of the highest quality parts available in our market. We and many 1000s of Wheel Builders and existing customers believe our all our rims are quite simply,


“The Best Wheel Rims Money Can Buy”!


We DO NOT import rims from overseas then re-brand them and pass them off as Made In England, our Wheel Rims are made from raw material right here in Devon so truly are 100% Made In England. We manufacture our Rim in a different way to other Rim companies with a method that not only gives you a “TRU” Dunlop Profile but a virtually undetectable Weld Line.


Every rim, Stainless or Chrome, is individually hand welded, Inspected, cleaned & dressed then rolled by craftsmen on traditional machinery that you can actually touch right here in Devon England!


Tru Dunlop ProfileTru Dunlop ProfileTru Dunlop Profile


 Stainless Steel


 Our Mirror Finish Chrome Effect Stainless Steel  Wheel Rims are manufactured from high grade, quality controlled, certificated 304 2b grade Stainless Steels and are truly the ultimate Wheel Rim available today. Each Rim is polished by hand to a standard that gives a real Chrome Effect that most people cannot tell apart from Chrome itself. Unlike any other Stainless Rim available at the moment we take as long as it takes to get these right. These are finished to a standard not a price!




Our Copper, Nickel, Chrome Triple British plated Mild Steel Rims are made from raw materials sourced direct from Steel Mills here in the UK and are manufactured with the same processes, on the same machinery, by the same craftsmen as our Stainless Steel Rims then are British Chrome processed at one the oldest and most traditional Chrome Platers in England. Usually reserved for Marine application our Chrome Platers are Bike enthusiasts so know what you expect!


All our  rims carry the “TRADE DEVON MARK” to replicate as close as we can to original Dunlop rims and for your guarantee of our quality. Each rim is pierced to OEM specifications with care and attention to detail for each specific hub that is shown attached to our listing so when used with our Spokes Sets makes for a perfect fit, easy wheel build and stronger, longer wheel life.


Every rim the Devon Rim Company make is produced for each specific hub fitment and will only fit the hub shown in our listing so please be sure to check that your hub matches our pictured hub before you buy.


The hubs shown in our listings are for information only and to help you select the correct ones to match this rim, please do not expect them to be supplied inclusive of this price, sorry.


Please take the time to  us before you buy, hopefully you will agree all the comments are complimentary. We have an established manufacturing business and direct web site where you can purchase pretty much every Wheel Rim and Spoke Kit you can imagine.


Disclaimer: Although every effort has been made to make sure the information in this leaflet is correct we accept that we make mistakes and apologise if any of them mislead in anyway. All items offered as in stock are subject to availability. Images shown are actual Devon Rim Products wherever possible but some may have been modified or altered through the printing process. Our Structural Guarantee is offered on the “Structure” of qualifying Devon Rim manufactured Wheel Rims only and is subject to conditions of which a full list is available on our web site. Any fault deemed by Devon Rim Company to be caused by misuse, poor care of product or insufficiently skilled fitment is not covered. Devon Rim reserve the right to refuse acceptance of responsibility on reasonable grounds. All information and offers are subject to changes at any time, without notice but will be published on our web site. In relation to Spokes All Spoke Angles, Lengths, Gauges & Thread Lengths are approximate and it must be noted that in some cases it is not possible to match your spoke exactly. Stainless Steel spokes in particular may vary as bend radius for Stainless material cannot match that of Carbon Steels. Some angles are just unachievable, sorry!