Wheel Building Videos

Wheel Building Videos

View more online Wheel Building Tutorial videos at the bottom of this page!!

We offer a fully professional wheel buiding service for nearly anything with spokes!!

We ask that existing wheels be stripped as far as possible with removal of Brake Plates, Tyres, Tubes, Sprockets, Ect.

All we need is the bare wheel. If items are left on there may be additional charges.

We can dismantle your stripped wheels at a cost of £25.00 per hour, approx 30 mins should cover it but if you are happy to take your existing "Off Set" please feel free to chop out all the old spokes. Take a note of the "Crossing Patterns" on both sides of the wheel.

This short video should help?

Please view the links below for example of "Wheel Builds" If you go to Youtube and type in "Devon Rim Company" you can view our videos of wheel builds online or simply choose your hub from the linked in this section below.

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