MB10-SSP 18" Rolltru Stainless Steel spoke set for Triumph Bolt On & QD Rear Hub, also fit BSA Rocket III Rear W1107, W3402, W1108.

Devon Rolltru Part Code = MB10-SSP

W1107, W3402, W1108, S97-2

97-1107, 97-3402, 97-1108

W1126, W1127, 37-1126, 37-1127.

OEM reference numbers offered here are by no means exhaustive & we understand some manuals may list differing numbers depending on Year & Model but be assured, provided you have selected the Hub image that matches yours and the correct Rim diameter, these items will fit your application.

Bike Fitments = TR5, TR6, TR6C, T80, T90, T100, T120, T120 Unit, Trident, Late BSA Rocket III & more if fitted with this same hub.

Please make sure your Hub matches the ones we show in this listing. Suitable for both Bolt On & QD Rear Hubs.

Stainless Steel Spoke set for Triumph Bolt On or QD Rear Hubs on 18'' Rim

Manufactured from Premium Grade 950 - 1050 N/mm2 High Quality U.K. produced Stainless Steel Wire and completed as Spoke Sets right here in England. supplied as follows

ALL 40 Spokes are Rolltru  Premium 8 -10 Gauge 4.0mm - 3.2mm Swage Butted

10 off 8-10 gauge Bent to Drive / Brake Side Inner Specification

10 off 8-10 gauge Bent to Drive / Brake Side Outer Specification

20 off 8-10 gauge Bent Small Flange Side Specification

40 x 10g .300" Brass Nickel Plated Nipples

These Spoke Kits are manufactured for a standard OEM 3 Cross Pattern on for both hub flanges



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