MC288-CH-KIT 19" WM2 Rolltru British Chrome Rim & Spoke Kit Norton Disc Front 06-1951

Devon / Dunlop Part Code = MC288-CH-KIT.


Bike Fitments = Commando Dominator & more if fitted with this same hub.

Please make sure your Hub matches the one we show in this listing. Suitable for Later Disc Hubs.

Rim Size = WM2 (1.85") X 19'' X 40 Hole.

Dimple Pattern = 1x1 .300 Cross Through Nipple Holes

Suitable fitment for later Disc Hubs.

Rim Finish = British Triple Chrome

Devon Rolltru  Spoke Part Code = MC288-SSP

Stainless Steel Spoke set for Standard Norton Disc Front Hub on 19” Rims

Manufactured from Premium Grade 950 - 1050 N/mm2 High Quality U.K. produced Stainless Steel Wire and completed as Spoke Sets right here in England. supplied as follows.

Spokes are Rolltru  Premium mixed Single Thickness 8 gauge 4.0mm for Disc Side & 9 gauge 3.6mm for the other flange as per original OEM Specification

Set consists of the following components

10 x 8 gauge Spokes Bent to Brake Side Inner Specification

10 x 8 gauge Spokes Bent to Brake Side Outer Specification

10 x 9 gauge Spokes Bent to Inner Specification

10 x 9 gauge Spokes Bent to Outer Specification

20 x 8 gauge .300" Brass Nickel Plated Nipples

20 x 9 gauge .300" Brass Nickel Plated Nipples

These Spokes are manufactured for a standard OEM 3 Cross Spoke Pattern on both sides of the hub

Due to nature of the huge Off Set on these Wheels when finished and the variety of flange thickness out there we have had to modify the Neck Length on the Outer Spokes Supplied. This is to ensure the finished Wheel Build is a strong as possible. You may need to ease the Spoke over once in the Hub in order to get the perfect angles, those experienced builders out there will know this is not uncommon on a lot of these old bikes.



Order This Product Direct from us, the Manufacturer, and be sure of a quality British Rim. With over 25 years of rim & spoke production experience and a product that is not imported and re-branded but truly.

Wheel Rims with

"TRU" Dunlop Profile

Dunlop / Jones Style rolled edge Devon British Chrome Wheel Rim.

This Rim is manufactured from High Quality Mild Steel then Copper, Nickel, Chrome Triple Plated to Service Condition 4.

Individually hand welded, polished to Mirror finish and pierced to OEM specification before Chrome Plating to ensure a full cover.

We & many 1000s of Trade Wheel Builders and existing customers and users feel they are quite simply.

"The Best Wheel Rims Money can buy"

Disclaimer : Please see Rolltru item generic information page for full details

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